The KerLuxY Story

Art, Innovation and Solidarity are the three pillars of the KERLUXY Art Gallery story

Art is rare and inevitably luxurious 

Mari Yvenat

Founder & CEO


Born on the Atlantic coast, the ocean has invited me to travel since my youngest age, a wave that especially brought me to the USA where I lived a while. My two DNAs are music and creativity.

As an untamed spirit, a pianist and an artist, I've always felt the profound impulse to metamorphose the tangible, to lead it towards unexplored horizons. Meshing angora, chiseling organza, shaping boxwood, wielding brushes until dawn, feeding the enamel oven, structuring the falsely neglected English garden ... My existence oscillates between the convention of the day and the artistic exuberance of the night.

After an exciting career in the finance sector, I swapped numbers for colors. This Startup KerLuxY, a fusion of an Art Gallery and a Design Boutique, reflects my passion for art and innovation.

The KerLuxY Contemporary Art Gallery is your exclusive destination for exploring and acquiring unique Works of Art. These unique pieces are selected for their high quality and originality. Our talented contemporary artists capture the essence of our times through their creations. Whether you're passionate about abstract, black & white, modern cubism or expressionism, our diverse collection has something for every art lover. Explore our works of art that defy convention!

The designer store: discover its timeless charm! Each piece, whether Fashion or Home Decoration, is a celebration of craftsmanship, emblazoned with our distinctive mark. Immerse yourself in a world of rare books. Come and enjoy an exclusive shopping experience.

Solidarity: commitment is our soul. We are the bearers of hope, the artisans of change. With KerLuxY, you have the opportunity to contribute to important causes identified by our "solidarity" logo .


Stroll through the Art Gallery and the Store, come admire the pieces before leaving with a painting, a sculpture, a plaid or a cap... and

do not be afraid to MAKE PEOPLE JEALOUS.


Live the moment on an air of Keith Jarrett or Yann Tiersen and breathe

A galon vat, trugarez deoc'h