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Bust with a Pure Line

Sculpture Bust of Nude Woman by artist DOTTY

Noisy Silence.

Digital Art by Robert JASO

Red Shaft Wheel

Renaissance Wheel in Red Design for your Contemporary Garden by Yann Brard

The Mermaid

Monumental Mermaid Sculpture by Stanko Kristic

The Blue Cave

Abstract Painting Vanilla Blue by Daniel PAUGAM

Tribute to Thierry Hermès

Modern Painting HERMES by artist Andrea Benetti

Jellyfish dance

Art Led Sculpture by Heollene

chalim no. 5

Contemporary Abstract painting by Cha Sun

Bench with 5 characters

Garden Bench avant-garde Design, Sculpture by artist Yann Brard


Contemporary Painting by Jemy Art

The Cyclops

Sculpted Artistic Lamp in Marble by Stanko Kristic

The dragon's golds

FANTASY ART - Skull Island by Tristan


Bronze Samurai, Japanese Sculpture by artist Dotty

Chaos bluish and pinkish

Abstract watercolor by Marief

Bunch of white tulips

White tulips on grey marble, Drawing by artist Maryse Le Moing

Cocktail by the Pool.

POP ART Painting inspired by David Hockney, by artist Eric Pichon

Candy and Chaos.

Digital Art by Robert JASO

Distant landscape

Minimalist Black & White Painting by artist Daniel Paugam

Attyra, the Warrior Elf

Fantasy Art Sculpture by Mylène La Sculptrice


Painting inspired by Edvard Munch, by JIEL

Suburban tubular cities

Modern Metropolis, Science fiction City, Canvas by artist Daniel Paugam

The Horseman and his Cow

Burlesque Fairy Painting by Daniel Paugam

Water lilies of silence No1v3

Blue Impressionist Painting by artist Daniel Paugam

A jellyfish

Sculpture Art and Ocean by artist Adeline Weber Guibal

IRIS the traveler

Nude Woman Statue Ebony & Gold by artist Dotty

GEIKO from Kyoto

Japanese Woman Manga Painting by artist Eric Pichon

The History

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Mari Yvenat

Founder & CEO


Born on the Atlantic coast, the ocean has invited me to travel since my youngest age, a wave that especially brought me to the USA where I lived a while. My two DNAs are music and creativity.

As an untamed spirit, a pianist and an artist, I've always felt the profound impulse to metamorphose the tangible, ...         Discover  HISTORY





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