Elegant plaid with a soft texture | 100% polyester
Brittany Cottage KajolY

Kerluxy Home Maison Professional

Height : 50"
Width : 60"
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Celtland-Brittany France
54,00 €
Record n° SH.pl-YKER-000014


This elegant plaid is versatile, able to be used for warmth on a chilly evening, to add an elegant touch to a sofa or armchair, or even to be draped over a bed to create a cosy atmosphere in a bedroom.

Its soft texture instantly invites you to snuggle up.

The fabric was inspired by the multicolored logo of KerLuxY (wine-red, gold, green, mole-brown, marine blue, white).

Dimensions : 50" x 60" - Available in larger size, 60" x 80", order via contact

On order only



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Place of production: imposrt
Rarity / World: 1

Kerluxy Home Maison Professional

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