Solenn Le Couviour



World, France  


Our friendship dates back to our meeting one evening in September at the Breton Mission. In Paris, we had enrolled in the Breton language course there with the same love for language treasures. 

Solenn Le Couviour is rich in two mother tongues, Italian and French. English, Breton, Portuguese and Spanish have no secrets for her. She is now learning Russian and German.

Actress, dancer, translator, the solar woman surprises us at every moment.


Molte grazie, mia cara amica







2020- "Tout ce que je porte" by Julia Mugnier

2019- "Romance", TV series by Hervé Hadmar / France 2

          "Plus de pommes au jardin d'Eden" by Isabelle Ricard

2017- "Photo de famille" by Cécilia Rouaud

2016- "Les ex" by Maurice Barthélém

         "Un goût d'amertume" by A.Petrone (SUI)

2015- "White House"  -Jackie Kennedy- by P.Larrain (US)

          "Petits secrets en famille" - TF

2014- "Olfactif" by Isabelle Ricard

          Teaser "Catacombes", Maker Studio (US)



2015- Operette Morali by Leopardi, mes Alfio Sesto, Catania

2013- Approches. Chorégraphie Nina Dipla. Brescia

2011- Vocal Jazz, Teatro Pazzo. Théâtre de Ménilmontant

2007- Poesia e music. Creation by Orientale Napoli

2001- Guantanamo des tortures, m.e.s Claudio Gio

Dancer in a Clip by Alexander de Liset Alea (UK)



. coaching/repeater Salvatore Esposito (Gomorra)

. film TAXI 5, stage translator

. translation of THE FILM "La der des der" by Patrice Gillain



. Paris Film Académie

. Studio Nadine Georges (Londres)

. Studio 18 : formation tango et danse contemporaine

. Orientale di Napoli : formation théâtrale

. Théâtre de l'Atelier