Vincenti Serge

Serge VINCENTI has been travelling throughout the world since a long time. His photographic work is part of a documentary process (story and narrative), a human process (portrait) and an artistic approach (danse, body, movement).


Wide-ranging travels,  expeditions, publications, coverages
Caravanes des Andes - walking 3.500 km in the Andes Cordillera, from La Paz, capital of Bolivia,  to the peak Aconcagua in Argentina, accompanied by a caravan of "llamas".

Islande, l’île nature - 2.500 km by bike through Icelandic deserts.
Karakoram Highway - the road of legends: report coverage between Islamabad, Pakistan and Kashgar, China.
Les hautes vallées du Zanskar - Crossing and reporting on this enclave located in the far north of India.
Yukon, sur les traces de Jesson - 2,000 km by bike on the frozen river between Dawson city (Canada) and Nome (Alaska), a journey similar to that of gold prospector Ed. Jesson in 1897.

Author photographer of books, co-filmmaker of coverages 
Editions Géorama
. Ouest américain grandeur nature
. Mongolie, Un Eté Au Pays Du Grand Ciel 
. Pérou, Terra Andina
. Portugal, un jardin sur l’océan
. Russie, Au fil de l’eau et de l’histoire 
. Le grand raid Brest-Vladivostok

Editions Albin Michel
. Caravane des Andes 

Salaun Editions
. Le grand Raid Brest-Samarcande


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