Savidan Patrick

Expert in artistic assembly and modern embroidery.

Textiles have been part of his life since his breton childhood. Between shawls, headdresses and banners of pardons, between sewing "at home" until university studies, his eyes have turned to embroidery with this singular interest that has made him go from theory to practice.

He has embarked on this perilous path, embroidering, to say what the medium is rid of tradition and the motif. Almost a concept, a thread thrown which shows of him only what it is, or severy threads mixed in the random. The rules are thwarted, the gesture free and not premeditated for a tangle of materials that would never have supposed to be united.

Neither precise form, nor given direction, nor preparatory drawing, without hierarchy nor code, all is played in the instant, in the duration, that which abolishes the limits of its time of creator. It should be said, which engages him physically in spite of the reduced format, in the duration of the execution. It remains close to the work of the copyist monk, of the craftsman, of the labour which shapes him as a human being within the framework of this artistic practice.

In the doubt and the silence, he builds this nourishing textile materiality made of threads and interior meetings. His embroideries, his works, out of the norms and classifications, give to think than to describe. They are like a self-portrait.



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