Bronze sculpture - Oceanographic world
A jellyfish

Weber Guibal Adeline Professional

Height : 7.87"
Width : 5.91"
Thickness / Depth : 7.87"
Weight : 8.8185 lb
Unique bronze sculpture
Rest of the World, France
2 743,00 €
Record n°


Sculpture of a jellyfish in greenish-grey bronze on a brown base by Van Dyck.

Endowed with a complex structure, the jellyfish has neither skeleton, nor brain, nor lung. This tentacular being is a predator under an umbrella which captivates its preys thanks to its cnidocysts.


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Delivery time : 7 days
Returns: 14 days
Place of production: Reste du Monde, France
Rarity / World: 1
Rarity / KerluxY: 1

Weber Guibal Adeline Professional

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